Pradeep Bashyal writes ….

…… I used to send my articles to national dailies like Kantipur, Gorakhapatra and the Himalayan times. In 2007, I graduated from the school in Parasi with distinction marks (86.63%) in the SLC board. Unknowingly, I had set an example. Even these days, my school principal asks the students to follow my example. Students in Parasi remember me as person who was able to handle both the studies and extra carricular activies. Later, my articles started to get published in Kopila, Kantipur’s supplement for children. Rajesh Koirala, Kopila’s coordinator, instructed me on how to improve writing skills. Besides Kantipur, my feature articles mainly on children’s issue were also getting published in other national dailies like Nagarik, Gorakhapatra, among others…….

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